Our Services

Surviving & thriving in business is uniquely akin to surviving & thriving in the wild. It requires the right attitudes, disciplines, expertise and skills. It also requires resilience, great leadership and teamwork, and a focus on emotional and physical wellbeing to implement the vision, plans and actions necessary for success. These truths underpin each of our services.

Core Services

Team Events

Bring your teams and/or clients together for team days, events and rewards trips on the themes and topics chosen by you.

We specialise in: 

  • Celebratory events
  • Team building
  • Leadership Development
  • Client & Partner events
  • Induction programs for new hires
  • Strategy days
  • Sales kick-offs
  • Annual kick-offs

Executive Workshops & Adventure Retreats

Senior leaders need time to reflect, recharge and focus in the issues most important to them and their businesses. They also need time with key members of their team, top clients or industry peers. At Really Wild, we offer these possibilities in the most incredible and different of ways.

We bring 4 important things together in ways that really make a difference to executive performance and wellbeing:

  • People
  • Practice
  • Place
  • Productivity

Bring the best people together from your organisation, ours and those of your clients or peers as needed. (A blend of world-leading explorers & the best business minds.)

Use the Really Wild method to inspire and deliver fresh thinking & productivity. (A unique, proven & inspiring approach designed to deliver results)

Meet in truly inspirational places in the UK and around the world, blending your own mix of the wilderness, culture and luxury. (Woodland, Arctic, mountain, jungle… wherever you wish to go on the planet)

Ensure your time is productive through well planned activities and engagement. (Outstanding planning & use of your time)

Choose your own themes. Examples have included:

  • Authentic leadership
  • Strategic reviews
  • Innovation
  • Sales Strategy
  • Planning change

Coaching & Consultancy

Deliver changes in behaviours, habits and skills to improve and achieve results and staff wellbeing more consistently.

Our coaches, mentors and consultants bring in-depth knowledge and experience of specific business sectors and functions and the Really Wild Method to help out clients do better.

Areas of specialism include:

  • Executive & leadership coaching
  • Wellbeing reviews, coaching & CPD
  • Sales performance improvement
  • Strategy
  • Teamwork
  • Management Practice
  • Change management
  • Product development
  • Customer services