The Really Wild Method

The Really Wild Method enables and inspires people and businesses to become the very best they can be. It is unique, refreshing and highly effective.

The Really Wild Method® deploys the latest and best professional practices but is founded upon the core principles of what we have termed “Original human success™”. These are the attributes and attitudes of success that have remained unchanged since the dawn of humankind which are still seen in the most successful people and organisations today. These principles have operated for so long: from the earliest hunter gatherers, to early farmers, throughout classical societies, right through to the top performing professionals and organisations of modern times, that it can be argued they are now embedded in our very DNA – in each and every one of us! They simply need to be reignited with people inspired and suitably guided and enabled to achieve superior personal and organisational performance.

The approach is exciting, highly memorable and relevant to every business function and individual. As such, it is an approach we believe people will want to use, which in turn will deliver better results for longer, with greater levels of consistency. It is also the only approach of its kind that is relevant and easily applied across an entire organisation that in short, can help deliver superior organisation-wide performance.

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The same principles apply, whatever your industry, role or discipline. They apply equally to individuals, teams and organisations as a whole and can deliver outstanding results.

The Really Wild Method® develops people’s professional disciplines, (such as sales, marketing, R&D, leadership and management for example), and helps them on a personal level too. It helps them to: 

  • Develop professional competence
  • Gain tremendous confidence
  • Learn to thrive on change
  • Achieve more with less
  • Become more self reliant as well as an excellent team player
  • Better manage complexity
  • Rise more readily to the demands made of them

A common foundation with expert elements for specific roles, situations and functions.

The Really Wild Method® offers a core and central approach that is valuable and relevant to every business function and audience. Specialist elements are then available to improve performance for specific roles, functions, situations and disciplines. These include the following for example:

  • Really Wild Method for Leadership Success
  • Really Wild Method for Strategic Success
  • Really Wild Method for Management Success
  • Really Wild Method for Sales Success™
  • Really Wild Method for Service Success™
  • Really Wild Method for Personal Success™

Our aim is to make sure application of the methodology is always totally relevant to each client’s own specific requirements and situations.

With this in mind, our team will always enter into a consultative discussion to ensure content and approach are always provided or adapted for maximum relevance, impact and value.

UTOPIAN™ – A Framework for Achievement

Consistently, top performers have: 

  • Understood, connected and engaged with their environment
  • Targeted and planned well
  • Organised themselves, resources & teams for success
  • Progressed appropriately at every possible juncture
  • Improved, innovated and adapted as needed
  • Acted and achieved results on purpose, consistently, efficiently and effectively
  • Nurtured, protected and nourished what’s important then moved to the next thing whilst maintaining momentum

These and other core principles have been assimilated into a range of exciting educational and consultative approaches, with proven tools and techniques that show how superior performance can be achieved – with consistency.

Together, they make up the Really Wild Method® – Timeless Methodology for Success™

Attitude for Success!

Very often, by studying what it takes to survive and thrive in the most challenging or harshest of environments, we see a clarity of method and purpose that too often eludes us in our busy, everyday and complex modern lives. 

By understanding and re-connecting with the core capabilities of human achievement and by looking at what has driven the performance of the most successful people and organisations throughout all of history, we find that nothing much has changed at all. The principles of success are the same, we have just made them too complicated and lost site of what it takes to really thrive!

The attitudes and principles of success are embedded within our DNA and simply need to be unleashed and channelled in the right direction.

Whole Person and Whole Organisation Performance

Understanding that results are a function of both technical skill and wellbeing is also integral to achieving greater success and more consistent levels of performance!

It is on this basis that the concepts of Whole Person Performance™ and Whole Organisation Performance™ have been developed and designed as key elements of the methodology to help our clients achieve the very best results possible.

Blended with the fundamental attitudes of Original Human Succcess™ and the core disciplines and behaviours demonstrated by the highest achievers throughout history, the Really Wild Method™ delivers an exceptionally effective and powerful approach to develop individuals, teams and organisations into more successful and more consistent performers.

Unique Motivational and Mental Triggers

The Really Wild Method® is unlike other methodologies.

Not only is it simple, highly memorable and applicable to all functions and circumstances, the Really Wild Method® offers highly unique motivational triggers that can be called upon by anyone as needed.

Using each of the senses, sometimes high adventure or simply amazing and inspirational examples of human achievement the, Really Wild Method® (in parts) borrows from the principles of NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) to deliver clarity and peak performances that can make a real difference exactly when they are most needed.

When combined with the role or situation-specific methods and disciplines that are taught, the results achieved can be truly amazing!

Consequence Awareness™

Another important element of the methodology is the discipline of Consequence Awareness™. 

This serves to help clients understand the consequences of both action and inaction and to clarify the knock-on effects in both the immediate and longer term.

For businesses, fully understanding the value chain both within and outside of the organisation is a simple requirement and essential. Far too often, and frequently in the most established of organisations, people fail to appreciate the mutual dependency and impact between departments, functions and individuals. 

When the wider competitive environment is also considered, the importance of consequence awareness becomes all the more apparent.

In a personal context, these interactions and consequences are even more complex and need to be understood to be managed. 

By better understanding consequences and by putting the disciplines in place to properly identify, leverage or mitigate them, we’ve learned that results can be dramatically improved.

In Summary

We’ve made it our job to understand “Original Human Success™” and to capture a simple and powerful methodology that has helped people succeed for millennia.

We believe that if a hunter and gatherer could not only survive but thrive based upon these behaviours in even the most competitive and harshest of environments, then so can our clients in business, organisationally and in their personal lives as well.

The only difference today of course, is that if things went wrong in the past, it could be a matter of life and death. Today, for most of us at least, the consequences could of course still be very serious but hopefully only limited to those of relative performance and comfort.

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